September 2015

meetings and pop-in sessions

Our Inaugural Meeting

What a splendid turnout last night! 20 people from all parts of Nairn like Moss-side, Queenspark, Mill Road, Lochloy and Fishertown, came to find out more and see what they might do to support and work with NRE. 12 of those attending signed up immediately to join our Enterprise and we have others who have pledged interest but were unable to come on the night. We’ll be getting suitable advice straight away on the mechanics of setting up our company limited by guarantee. Those attending expressed lots of interest in pooling their efforts to set up an up cycling project, support the…

about NRE

Announcing Nairn River Enterprise

Nairn River Enterprise is a social enterprise managed by local people formed to provide services that improve the physical, social and economic make-up of the town of Nairn, generating employment opportunities for local people and contractors. The Enterprise will undertake or support projects to improve the look of areas like the riverside walks, the old BMX track etc. Later we’ll start up a re-use scheme collecting from Nairn, refurbishing and selling in Nairn old furniture, electrical goods etc., at affordable prices. Apart from the benefits for the town, we’ll be providing training and placement opportunities for young and long-term unemployed…


A chance to make a difference in Nairn

Do you want to see local management based in Nairn and Nairn folk getting better chances to get work locally! Do you want to see the green spaces along the river and around the town managed better by local people? If you do, then join Nairn River Enterprise – we’re after local folk prepared to put in a bit of time helping us get organised, coming up with ideas, joining in projects from time to time.