April 2016



Our original plan, back in September 2015, was to get started without taking on premises until maybe year 2 or 3. Then we stumbled upon the opportunity to rent a house with a view to purchasing it after around a year. We worked happily with the owner of the property and got agreement on a draft lease. However, the obstacles on both our bank account and funding caused so much concern that the owner finally decided there was too much risk we would probably face similar obstacles on the way to buying the house. For her, there was only so much time she…


Money talk

Happily, earlier this month, the Co-op finally opened our bank account and Highland Council transferred the promised funding to us. The experience with the bank is a cautionary tale for all you community groups and not-for-profits out there. It wasn’t that we were rubbish at filling in the forms, it’s that the financial and anti-terrorism regulations for non-business accounts introduced by the government last year have made the process cumbersome and complex. It also didn’t help that the bank seemed to apply the rules differently each time we spoke to them. Still, we have the promised funding from Highland Council…