Nairn River Enterprise is a social enterprise managed by local people formed to provide services that improve the physical, social and economic make-up of the town of Nairn, generating employment opportunities for local people and contractors.

As Green Hive, the enterprise will undertake and support projects to improve the look, availability and use of areas like the riverside walks, the old BMX track etc. Later we’ll start up a re-use scheme collecting from Nairn, refurbishing and selling in Nairn old furniture, electrical goods etc., at affordable prices.

Apart from the benefits for the town, we want eventually to provide training and placement opportunities for young and long-term unemployed people and to employ local contractors for some jobs. We’ll raise funds to undertake these projects and we’ll work with other interested organisations, for instance those already involved in riverside conservation or restoring the riverside play park.

The idea for Nairn River Enterprise came from discussions at Nairn River Community Council and reflects the frustration expressed by many local people about the way in which maintenance of our open spaces has deteriorated and how we seem to have no local control over what can be done.

NRCC heard many concerns about employment, grounds maintenance, riverside regeneration, re-cycling and re-use at its meetings over recent years and decided to work on a plan that could make it possible for Nairn people to do something about all this for themselves, rather than rely on the hope that organisations run from Inverness and elsewhere might sort it out. The plan is now ready for the next stage, ready for members of the community to get involved.

Any resident aged 16 and over in the Nairn area can join, but only those living in Lochloy, Merryton, Boath Park, River Park, Broadhill, Fishertown, The High Street area, Mill Rd/Church Street, Cawdor Rd, Queenspark, Moss-side, Achareidh and Firhall are eligible to become voting members of Nairn River Enterprise. The Social Enterprise will begin life with a small reserve fund of £300 and the prospect of £5,000 from Highland Council’s DAF Fund. It is now a Company Limited by Guarantee, which means that any surplus must be ploughed back into running services and members have a maximum liability of £1 should it go bust.

In the beginning, the initial members will form the Interim Board of the company that will remain in place until the first General Meeting, to be held as soon as practicable after the Enterprise’s formation, ideally by September 2016.

People can learn more and keep in touch with developments via NRE or Green Hive’s Facebook and website pages:




Green Hive tweets here

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