More about our plans

Our longer term aims are set out in some detail in our business plan, first drafted in May 2015 and updated at the beginning of September that year. Inevitably, the passage of time has introduced changes which we will need to incorporate into it, but the vision, objectives and key activities are all there.

Our short-term aims, for the next year or so, are set out in this NRE 3 page action plan v1.1

The key changes since the Business Plan was drafted are:

Agreement with Highland Council not to proceed with the Expression of Interest in a Community Challenge Fund transfer of grass-cutting services. Having received and reviewed detailed information about the packages of work available in NRE’s area,  we judged that the budget available would not enable us to deliver the quality expected, and risked placing NRE as a whole in financial difficulties. If CCF remains available in later years, NRE still has the option to re-open discussions.

The budget has been updated in light of this and other factors including the delay in transfer of Deprived Area Fund money granted by Highland Council in 2015. The budget is set out in the action plan.

Just click on the link below to take a look at the Executive Summary of the Business Plan

The Nairn River Enterprise BUS PLAN executive summary 090915