Green Enterprise

The Green Enterprise Workshop

9A2 Balmakeith Industrial Estate, Nairn.

Our Green Enterprise Workshop aims to establish a creative upcycling centre for the Nairnshire Community.  Specialising in the reforming of plastic, we hope to offer another option to consider, before recycling or landfill.   The workshop space is being set up with the intention of providing creative making facilities and support, in which items can be upcycled, reformed and reimagined, into useful new hand made contemporary design items made in Nairn.  We also have a yard space which will act as a support base for expanding Green Hive community growing projects.

Get Involved!
If you are a creative maker or designer in the Nairn community, have practical skills you would like to share, or someone who just has a bit of free time and would like to volunteer to help with projects in the workshop, we would love to hear from you! 
Please contact Andy for more information, or pop into the Green Hive hub at the WASPS links studios, Grant Street, Fishertown for more information about membership with Green Hive.  You can also become a Green Hive member by filling out the online form here
Find out how to donate your waste HDPE plastic here.

We took occupancy of our workshop space in July 2019 and at the moment it is a bit empty and we are looking for donations of tools and equipment to help us get set up. If you think you can help with a donation of any of the items on our workshop ‘Wish List’ please get in touch with Andy, and we would be more than happy to give you, or your business a mention on our donors hall of fame!

Workshop ‘Wish List’
Electric Press Grill – catering panini grill)ideally with temperature marked thermostat dial in range 130degreesC – 180degreesC with flat steel grill plates or removable grill plates
Electric Wood Chipper
240V Domestic Oven (under 2.9kw)
Steel Oven Trays / Pie Tins
Jigsaw and blades
Extension Leads (240V 3 pin) & multi bars, electrical RCDs
Various clamps C clamps, F clamps, quick clamps etc
Laser Thermometer
Reusable teflon coated baking sheets
Drill bits / wood / metal / Spade bits for larger holes
Cordless Drill & charger (18V Dewalt or Makita for example)
Woodworking Hand tools (hand saws, set squares, wood chisels, mallets, metal rulers, scissors, pliers, metal shears, rivet gun, metal scrapers, etc.)
Benchtop Bandsaw
Benchtop Belt Sander
1 Tonne Rubble Bags
Large workbench
Electric Pressure washer
Paint brushes (good condition)
Sand paper
Adhesives (Wood Glue, PVA, EVO Stick Non Solvent where possible)
Wood screws of various sizes
Wood Finishing Wax / Oil
Rags / Blue Roll
General Office

IKEA style square shelving unit
Mugs x10
WC hand dryer
Office waste & recycling bins
Industrial hoover (+ Dust Extraction)
Mop & bucket
Dust Pan & Brush
Safety gear
Ear defenders or plugs
Dust Masks
Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Leather gloves (Gauntlet type preferably)
Leather aprons
HSE compliant signage
Lengths of timber (long lengths especially)
Plywood / Chipboard / MDF sheets