Nairn Viewfield Community Orchard
Planted in October 2017 by local residents, Nairn Youth Forum and pupils from Millbank Primary School, the community orchard is a public open space and a shared resource for the people of Nairn, managed by local volunteers and supported by Green Hive. We meet around once per month on a Sunday to care and maintain the orchard.
There are 10 apple trees, two plum, two pear and two cherry trees as well as a variety of berries.
The orchard is a place for community gatherings, and learning about fruit growing, a place for you to enjoy and once mature it will be a free source of nutritious food to the community.


Leaf mulch composting
Viewfield Park is also the home of our composting project. Each Autumn we gather the leaves in the park in to composting bays and turn last years leaves. Local residents also collect leaves from their own garden to add to the compost. After two years the leaves have broken down naturally in to nutritious garden mulch, which is used in the orchard, around the town’s many public flower beds and taken home to gardens around Nairn.


Nairn River Invasive Species Project
Invasive non-native species, such as Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed, have a become a widespread issue for our natural spaces in Scotland and the River Nairn area has not escaped their impact. 
This summer and over the next few years Green Hive are joining with the Spey Fishery Board on the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative (SISI) project, a four year Heritage Lottery Fund supported project working to reduce numbers of these species present along our waterways. It covers a huge area, from Dundee in the south to the North coast of Sutherland. The project aims to engage with local community groups and individuals, as well as contractors, land owners and local authorities, to ensure a robust long term solution to invasive species management. The genuine environmental benefits are huge in terms of biodiversity, public health, river stability and salmon habitat.
With the help of Green Hive volunteers there is an opportunity to make a real difference. Volunteers will be trained in pesticide application for certain species and will have ongoing support from the SISI project team in terms of equipment, safety and advice.
Some species, such as Himilayan Balsam, can be removed by hand and without the use of pesticides so there is the opportunity for the whole community to come together, learn about the issue of invasive species, clear our riverside areas and see the immediate benefit of our contribution. Green Hive will be organising group volunteering days during the summer as well as a volunteer hit squad trained to tackle the more toxic dangerous species.
For more information on the SISI project –

Giant hogweed - River Deveron_0.jpg

If you would like to find out more about these projects or join as a volunteer get in touch with Kirsty at Green Hive, [email protected], 07453912697
Keep an eye on our home page for any upcoming dates.