litter picking

Viewfield litter gone

  More than expected came along so we were done very quickly. Nevertheless an assortment of bags, bottles and crisp packets filled out the bin bags donated by Highland council. Thanks to all!

litter picking

Litter pick at Viewfield Park

Our next litter pick on Monday 15th August. We’re going to gather up the litter in Viewfield Park blown about in the storm this week. It’s not a big job so we’ll start at 1.30 and it’ll probably be done by 3 or 3.30. Come and join in the fun. Meet at the Stables, opposite the Sports Club.

litter picking

Upcoming! Litter Pick

Our next litter pick is going to take place on Monday 15th August, from 1.30. We’re going to clear the litter from Viewfield Park. It won’t take long so we’ll not be organising refreshments this time, but come on down and join us. We’ll have gloves, bin bags and picking sticks provided by Highland Council. This is by way of preparation for our leaf mulching project which will begin in the autumn. Leaf storage areas will be erected against part of the high wall of the Park in the next couple of months.

meetings and pop-in sessions

We mean it. We want your views.

At this year’s County Agricultural show we put up our stand for the first time. We set out to get local people’s views on projects which could contribute to and benefit Nairn and its environment. It was a great day. The weather was kind (well, dryish), the stand looked great, the raffle was a success, and our clothes line for ideas filled up quickly….we’ve got loads of suggestions for projects that could get going pretty soon….and even better, lots of really good ideas for collaborations between us and other groups in the town. We have got longer term plans for quite expensive,…

about NRE

A Green Hive of Activity

At Nairn River Enterprise we want to promote awareness of the environment, climate change and the importance of sustainable energy. We want to play a part in improving our local environment, doing things which make people feel better about their lives here, make them proud to live here and along the way if we can, help create routes to employment for local people. We want to be ‘hands on’ and do practical things. We want to do these things with fun and enjoyment for all. So, we are launching Green Hive – “Green” because we’re interested in green issues; “hive” ‘cos we want to get…



Our original plan, back in September 2015, was to get started without taking on premises until maybe year 2 or 3. Then we stumbled upon the opportunity to rent a house with a view to purchasing it after around a year. We worked happily with the owner of the property and got agreement on a draft lease. However, the obstacles on both our bank account and funding caused so much concern that the owner finally decided there was too much risk we would probably face similar obstacles on the way to buying the house. For her, there was only so much time she…


Money talk

Happily, earlier this month, the Co-op finally opened our bank account and Highland Council transferred the promised funding to us. The experience with the bank is a cautionary tale for all you community groups and not-for-profits out there. It wasn’t that we were rubbish at filling in the forms, it’s that the financial and anti-terrorism regulations for non-business accounts introduced by the government last year have made the process cumbersome and complex. It also didn’t help that the bank seemed to apply the rules differently each time we spoke to them. Still, we have the promised funding from Highland Council…

litter picking

A Grand Day

What a day – from Firhall Bridge to the Maggot, and also Lochloy Quarry….around 20 of us all told in both morning and afternoon sessions. Loads of soup, tea, coffee, cakes consumed by hungry litter pickers and some friendly banter. And such a beautiful blue sky day! Lots of bags of litter ready for the Council to pick up and some unusual items among them – an ironing board, bike, street sign and old garage door….and all manner of smaller items. Thanks to all for your efforts, to Ashers for bread and cakes and Highland Council for advice, equipment and…

litter picking

Community Litter Pick tomorrow

Come and help clear litter from our riverside. Have a bite to eat, meet up, enjoy yourselves. Litter Pick starts tomorrow at 10 in the morning and again at 2 in the afternoon. Starting point is Riverside Cottage, the last house before Jubilee Bridge on the footpath from town to Boath Park. We’ve been provided with gloves, plastic bags and picker-uppers you can use, and we’ll organise removal of the full bags from the Cottage. A really worthwhile way to spend an hour so – come and join in.

litter picking

A Grand Day Out!

Open to everyone –  a grand time to be had! Once you’ve done your bit we’ll be providing a welcome and soup, tea, coffee and biscuits (and maybe cake!). Clearing litter from the riverside is the task for the day, but the whole point is to get together and enjoy time out with other locals. And since we’ll be based from Riverside Cottage, it’s a chance to find out more about Nairn River Enterprise and what we might achieve in future. Not got all day? No bother! Just come along in the morning, or in the afternoon if that suits better….