Bumble Bags – cutting plastic waste

The plastic bags that seem to drift everywhere – and which we kept finding on the Beach clean – have got us thinking. We’ve heard of local community schemes where people get together to make bags from cast off and surplus material (cotton, linen etc) and then distribute them around their community. People are encouraged to use them as an alternative to the plastic bags we hate when they end up clogging our drains and waterways, wrapped around our wildlife – or indeed littering our beach and riverside. So, we’ve been given two fabulous sewing machines and have begun to…

litter picking

Two fun days – Creative clean up

Our latest Beach Clean was, once more, well attended with something like 55 people turning out to do their bit. Seemed to us there was a more diverse crew compared to last time – and we’re glad of it. We’re grateful to everyone who came (and to the council boys who came and cleared the bags at the end. We had dry weather, which helped us unearth a couple of tyres, a cupboard door and loads of plastic bags. Overall we had less rubbish to find, which must be good thing. Maybe people are leaving less around, certainly we’re aware…

litter picking

Summer Beach and River Clean-up

So you’ll remember the beach clean last November and the Art is Rubbish project & exhibition that followed in January? Well, we’ve teamed up with the Sailing Club and WASPs artists again and are holding another Clean-up this Sunday, 2nd July, starting from the Sailing Club at 10.30 am and finishing around 12.30. It’s a great family outing, exploring, discovering and doing a good job for the wildlife and critters along our shore and riverside. We’ll provide soup and tray bakes between 12.30 and 1.30 – by all means bring your own bites too. We’ll also provide bin bags for…


Community Orchard

We had a great response to our spot poll last month. Seems there’s quite a few out there interested in doing stuff to help get the orchard set up. You’ll maybe know that we received £230 from Highland Council to purchase trees. We’ve just heard that the Pebble Trust is to  make a bigger grant which will cover all the costs necessary to ensure the trees and surrounds are given the best possible start. Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page in the coming weeks to find out more about the chances of volunteering and getting involved.


Project Work contract

We had 4 really good submissions for this contract. We’re delighted to have contracted Kirsty Ellen, local lass made good, to help us get set up at the Links Studios, recruit more members and get some more projects going. Kirsty has a wealth of experience in community development and is a committed up cycler! She’ll be starting with us in the middle of June, so watch out for more from her as she gets going.


Our Community Orchard

We’re going to set up a community Orchard in the autumn. This is a great way of people getting involved in something which benefits everyone – free fruit, make your own jam, learn about growing, plants, insects etc. It’s a great thing for young families to do occasionally and there will be an ongoing need for people to keep things in the orchard enclosure tidy and cared for. We want to know whether you think it’s a good idea and whether you would like to support it by giving some time to help. [polldaddy poll=9747200]


First contract for project worker available 

Interested in community work? Worked with volunteers? Like meeting people? If so, we want to hear from you. Green Hive has got a short term contract worth £2,000 available to someone who’d like to help us co-ordinate our projects and recruit new volunteers.  Could be ideal for students, people already in part-time work or those with a little time available over the next few months. If you’re interested in what happens in Nairn, environmental regeneration and, best of all, upcycling, this could be a great stepping stone. To find out more and get a contract specification, call us on 07453…


Litter 'n leaves

Last Friday we did a couple of hours behind the cadet hut at John Street…down the hill to Mill Road, Church Road and across part of Riverside Park. Grateful thanks to our volunteers and the Council’s boys for fetching the bags and stuff we collected. You can see more on Facebook. NEXT we’re down at Viewfield Park stables sorting out the leaf bays we set up last year. Anyone can join in these activities (under 16’s with adult please). We’re meeting at 10 am tomorrow, Saturday, and will be there for no more than a couple of hours. Tea, coffee,…



One of our longer term aims has always been to set up some kind of recycling or upcycling project. We’d like to acquire premises which can grow into a kind of community hub (or hive!) of activity. We don’t want much! Somewhere capable of accommodating three types of space – a retail outlet, a workshop, and a drop-in lounge with refreshments. We favour upcycling – being creative and adding value to old and used things. The evidence is that it’s more likely to generate income we can use to support our projects, it can involve lots of people who can acquire or improve…